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Task 22 (4/29)

The 80s had a very distinctive sound heavily inspired by New Wave music.

In recent years we have heard a nostalgic throwback to this 80s sound in Pop music.

Find an example of a contemporary Pop song (released since 2015) which demonstrates a throwback to 80s New Wave inspired Pop. Post the link here.

Task 23 (4/29)

Unfortunately I am not as familiar with recent examples of Rap as I am with some other genres.
Fortunately I am open to new ideas and sounds, and the Internet allows for crowd-sourcing!

1. Post a link to a significant rap song from the last 10 years.
2. Tell me following information: a) Title, b) Artist, c) Year Released, d) Producer, e) Record Label
3. Explain to me why this song is significant to the Rap genre.

4.I often like to joke that Disco never died, and instead went underground. Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and the Pop it inspires seems to be a direct continuation of Disco. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?