the agency presentation –

The Agency Presentation is a 3 part assignment.

Part 1-Each student is responsible for designing and implementing a presentation of the field practicum setting. The presentation must be in PPT and should not exceed 20 minutes for group presentations, 7 minutes for individual presentations in order to allow time for questions. This is a required presentation that will be graded. Students completing a field practicum in the same agency will co- develop and present their presentation together. The agency presentation must address the following components:

  1. Agency structure:
  • Description of the agency; historical background – date started and reason started and major programs and services.
  • Is your agency a public or private agency? If your agency is a public agency, is it federal, state, county, or city funded? What legislation created the agency and assigned responsibilities to it? If your agency is a private agency discuss why it was formed.
  • Mission statement of this agency.
  • If the agency has several units, give an overview of the agency as a whole and explain how your unit fits with the agency’s mission.
  • Sources of agency financial support.
  • Does the agency compete with other agencies for funding?
  • Executive Director or CEO and names of Board members (if a non-profit).
  • Provide an organizational chart

2. Clients:

• Describe client demographics: ages, ethnicity, income, etc.

  • Describe the issues that are most salient in this client population. Agency’s relationships to clients and community:
  • Do they do field visits or is work mainly in the office?
  • What community is served by agency, what neighborhood or region?
  • What other networking agencies work with the agency?

3. Type of Practice:

• What forms of Micro Practice (direct service) does the agency use?

• Is the agency involved in Macro practice? If yes, describe.

• What social work theories are used in this agency?

• What kind interventions does this agency apply? If not explicit evaluate what the agency does and describe the interventions in terms of social work practice theories.

4. Agency Performance and Outcomes:

• What statistics are recorded on a regular basis by the agency (e.g., number of clients served each month, number of cases opened and closed, etc.)

• How does the agency determine if it is effective?

• Is the agency required to submit reports to a state or federal agency regarding its programs and services? If yes describe the nature and purpose of those reports.

• Is the agency meeting its mission? What evidence can be used to determine that?