the consumer defensive staples sector and beverages non alcoholic industry analysis –

The paper should be no less than 2 pages excluding reference page, graphs, charts, etc. About 650 words.

Analyzer the sector (shorter portion of the paper- 1/4) and continue with the industry analysis. I am doing analysis based on PEPSICO which operates in that industry. Discuss the health, growth or decline of the industry, why, trends, etc. Is PEPSICO positioned to take advantage of these trends? How is the industry affected by the COVID19 and would numbers change? Mention how the company compares to the industry and the trends. Is the company a leader, a laggard, or a niche in the industry. You do not have to analyze the company, just make the conclusions.

Please make sure that you don’t copy and paste.Your analysis should be your own understanding and words. You could copy and paste tables or graphs but with proper referencing. You could download charts and data into Word documents but NO PLAGIARISM! Cite your work an include references

Here are some resources to use but you will have to find more credible ones as these will not be enough , also see attached but use with caution as one of the attachments discusses a couple of industries in one report. Again, the main focus here is on the industry.