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My Subject is: Emotional Intelligence on the Job


2020 Spring Individual Power Point Presentation

Final Submission Date: Sunday, May 3, 2020 @ 11:59 PM Via Canvas

Before you develop your PowerPoint do these things:

_________________Research several database articles related to your topic



Requirements:Presentations must follow part 2 requirements

________________Organize:As an Individual, prepare an outline of the points you will make in your presentation. Organize the points in the order they will appear in the final presentation

All of this below needs to be in your PowerPoint

_____________Introduce topic and how it will be addressed

_____________Background information about the author/ reason of interest.

____________ _Include your interest/purpose why you selected this topic. Linked to some experience.

_____________Each slide consists of text and graphics. Slides free of errors (spelling & Grammatical)

_____________Each slide consists of 3- 5 bullets with no more than 5 to 6 sentences.

_____________Prepare 10 slide presentation. Font 32-36, text should be single font style and size Arial.

The minimum font is 24.

_____________Be creative, background color and image: For example, dark blue or dark purple gives good emotional feelings as the predominant color on the screen. The yellow and white text and graph have good contrast with the background. Accent colors should be used to highlight a word or portion of a graph.

_____________Voice: speaker uses a Clear audible voice tone, familiar with information. Proper grammar is used, and pronunciation are accurate.


_____________Library Orientation (Seminar)/Webinar. See Group/ Individual Presentation Instructions about required mandatory.

_____________Cite Your Source.Complied in MLA Format at the end of the presentation