topic is quot renewable energy to combat global warming climate change quot apa style i have attached sample piece how it should be written –

Topic Is : Renewable Energy To Combat Global Warming/ Climate change

I have attached sample piece how it should be written

This written assignment must include the following:

  • Introduce the topic.
  • Discuss your topic selection.
    • Explain its background and your rationale for choosing it.
    • Describe your personal interest in it.
    • Explore its relevance to professional life and of such a research project.
  • List the key words used to refine your topic or problem statement.
  • Provide the purpose of the paper (explain, analyze, or argue).
    • Identify intended audience (general or specialized).
    • Indicate your voice as the writer (informer or advocate).
  • Identify key points or main question to be studied.
  • Draft a preliminary problem statement, thesis statement, or opening hypothesis that includes mention of the context of your topic.
  • Provide a summary.