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General Guidelines for Final Project In groups, you will be creating a mock e-commerce website. The focus of your online store is up to the group, but it helps if you make it fun for yourselves, i.e., Balloon Animal Store, Bundt Cake Bakery, Dog Sled Taxi Service, Missing Sock Exchange, Crayon Naming Company, Christmas Room Rental for Cats (video), Mowing Goat company, etc. Your site should be made as realistic as possible in design and functionality (shopping cart does not need to be completely functional). Be sure to use proper design techniques ( Giving Credit Re-using code and adapting it for your needs is OK if it has been made available for such purposes (Template websites, W3Schools Templates, etc.) – just make it your own and give credit to the original source using comments inside your HTML and/or CSS files. Please respect copyright laws and do not borrow code from sites that have not explicitly given permission to do so. Your website should bear little to no resemblance to your resort and personal websites. Collaboration Requirements 1. All group members need to be involved in the process of completing the project. 2. How you choose to have collaborative files is up to the consensus of the group – Google Drive folder, GitHub, etc
3. You will need to submit an evaluation of yourself and your group members to receive a grade for this project. 4. The overall successful completion of assignment requirements plus the collective narrative of the group will be used to help determine your grade the assignment. 5. A group consensus and evidence that a member did not participate will result in that member receiving a failing grade for the assignment. 6. Check each other’s work! 7. How you decide to split up the work is up to each group, but you must include a Word document with your project that outlines which members were responsible for which specific parts of the project (i.e. specific pages, validation, design, image sourcing, HTML, CSS, proofreading, etc.) Page Content 1. Home: a. Should contain a brief sentence or two about your company and the type of products you sell. b. Include a motto or tag line. For Example: Target – Expect More. Pay Less.Home page (HTML and CSS, Validation)My Final Group Responsibilities are: Home page (HTML and CSS, Validation)