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Visual Analysis Essay

Music Video For This Assignment Sheet

Lizzo – Good As Hell (Video)


In this assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to analyze the rhetorical techniques used in a music video. You will analyze this video by focusing on the visual rhetorical choices and visual strategies of the filmmaker. In order to do this, you will have to decide what impact the video is trying to have on you. In your last essay, the author of the article you read was simply trying to persuade you to agree with her. With the music video, it’s a bit less straightforward, so part of your purpose is to decide what the purpose of the music video is. (Hint: it will be more than simply to entertain).


Your audience (other than the obvious: me, your professor) is a peer who may have seen this music video but may not have thought deeper about its rhetorical strategies, as you have. Your job is to help this peer see past the surface entertainment of the video, understand the visual choices being made, and what impact they have on the viewer.


You will write a 600 – 800 word, thesis-based, closed-form analysis of your music video. You will breakdown the videos into smaller parts and analyze the filmmaker’s use of visual strategies such as (but not limited to): color, framing, composition, eye contact, timing, cuts, camera angle, etc. You will be describing and analyzing the purpose of the music video and its rhetorical effectiveness. Your reader should be able to “see” the music video from your descriptive language.


When grading your essays, I will be asking the following questions:

Does your essay have a clearly stated, arguable thesis that contains tension?

Does your essay clearly identify the audience and purpose of the video being analyzed?

Does your essay identify and analyze the rhetorical effectiveness of 3 – 5 visual strategies? Is the rhetoric of the video being contrasted analyzed in sufficient depth?

Are your paragraphs developed in a unified and coherent manner? Do you utilize topic sentences to clarify purpose and transitions to indicate relationships between main points?

Does your conclusion return the reader to the bigger picture and provide the greater significance (rhetorical effectiveness) of the analysis?

Does your essay adhere to fundamental grammar rules regarding usage and spelling?

Music Video For this assignment:

Lizzo – Good As Hell (Video)

Reflective Memo For This Visual Analysis Essay

1. What was the most challenging aspect of writing this visual analysis? Why was it challenging? How did you deal with this challenge?

2. What was easiest about writing this visual analysis? Why do you think it was easy?

3. Which aspect of your visual analysis do you think is the strongest or most effective?

4. What would you revise if you had more time?

5. What has been the most interesting or surprising thing you’ve learned in your writing process so far? This might be about writing in general, about your own writing process, about the topic you’ve been exploring, or all of the above.