watch video and answer questions below –


German Occupation of Denmark

  1. Why didn’t the Danes fight back against the German army?
  1. Why did the Danish government resign in 1943?
  1. Describe some of the measures taken by the Danish government to fight back against German occupation.
  1. Why did the Danes change their policy from active resistance to strikes?
  1. What does the word Quisling mean? (look it up—it’s not in the video). What does this have to do with German occupation?
  1. a) Why did the Germans want to deport the Danish Jews? b) What did the Danish people do in response?

Polish workers strike at Gdansk

  • What were some of the major demands of the Polish workers at the Lenin shipyards in Gdansk?
  • What was the importance of the Inter-factory Strike Committee?
  • Why did the Polish workers fear a possible Soviet military intervention? (Google Soviet military intervention in Czechoslovakia and Hungary).
  • a) What did it mean that the Communist government declared martial law in December, 1981? b)
    • In 1989, Solidarity demanded free unions, free press, and parliamentary elections. What was the result? What happened to the Communist government?

b) Why did Lech Walensa (leader of the Solidarity movement) state that “this was the last nail in the Communist nation’s coffin?