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Defined contribution plans are becoming the standard retirement programs offered by employers. There are, however, many different types (401K, Roth 401, SIMPLE, 453, 457, etc.). Imagine that you are an HR professional and you are tasked with researching and proposing the implementation of a new retirement plan to the leadership team of your organization. Your proposal to your team will require you to research and select one type of plan and contrast it against three (3) other types. In your 1,000-word proposal, present a concise summary of the chosen plan and how it compares to the others. Include at least one visual (i.e. chart, table, graph) that illustrates your information. Recommend a change to this type of retirement plan noting some clear specifics as to why this plan would be most beneficial. As you construct this proposal, consider your current retirement program and what aspects you like/dislike.

Support your proposal with course materials and at least three (3) additional sources. Use correct APA format throughout. Required word count does not include the reference page. A title page and abstract are not required. Consult the Writing Assignment Grading Rubric to ensure you are meeting the assignment’s criteria as this information and the rubric will be used to assess your work.

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