write a 3 5 page research paper on one of the following topics – exclusivewritings.com

Pick from one of the following topics:

1.child labor

2.criminal record on job applications

3.requiring females on corporate boards

4.open-book management

5.unlimited sick days

6.outsourcing manufacturing to foreign countries

7.requiring job applicants to reveal social media passwords

8.a controversial business practice of your choosing.

For this assignment you are to write a three-to-five-page research paper on the topic of your choice. Your first task will be to come up with an important question that one might ask about that topic. Then, you are asked to come to an answer about that issue. This answer will be your thesis statement. Then, through research, you are to find at least three arguments to support your answer. In addition, you should discuss OTHER answers to the question and discuss why the other answer is wrong (in your opinion). Finally, you should summarize your argument in the final paragraph.

Include a bibliography with your paper (using APA style).

12 pt font, double spaced,