write a reflection essay over the monograph called quot for cause and comrades quot – exclusivewritings.com

Students need to acquire and read the monograph For Cause and Comrades. (If you choose to find your own monograph it must be written by a scholar and published by a university press in the last 25 years. You must also receive approval from me)

Once you have read your monograph, you need to find three primary sources associated with the Civil War. Finally, students will write a reflection essay in Chicago Manual Style.

Your essay must include:

  1. A Cover page.
  2. The time period being studied, research topic, individuals involved, and any other significant factors of your topic.
  3. Need to include a brief overview of the monograph you analyzed and your opinion of it.
  4. Introduce and discuss the three primary sources you found, how they relate to your topic, and what they taught you about the time period being studied.
  5. Must include a Bibliography at the end of your essay.
  6. Must contains minimum of 2.5-3 pages.
  7. Free of plagiarism (will be submitted to Turnitin.com)