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The exam is designed to demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained in this course. Be sure to answer all parts of question. A five‐sentence answer will not be sufficient. You must write at least two pages (double space, New Times Roman). Be sure to analyze the question from all angles. This is your opportunity to show me that not only you understand the concepts in this course, but you can apply them. In writing your answers you will be expected to apply the key words I have given to you. Show clear and direct connections between the ideas you present and the course lectures AND readings (Make reference to readings! This is a must).

Answers must show that you both know the information and can think critically about its application. The answers must have clear and concise argument. Think critically. Support the claims you make. CITE!!! (Both in text citation and bibliography)

PROOFREAD!!! Remember, this is an exam and each one of you will be graded individually – collaboration on answers is not permitted. The answers SHOULD NOT be the same or should not resemble to each other.

It was my honor and pleasure to teach you this semester.

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Question 1-Global governance is a continuing collective effort of sovereign states through international organizations and efforts of other non-state actors to address common challenges and seize opportunities to transcend national frontiers. As we had discussed in class, global governance is composed of many different actors; Intergovernmental Organizations, Nongovernmental Organizations, Experts and Epistemic Networks, Networks and Partnerships, Multinational Corporations and Private Foundations.

How will realists (either neo or classical), liberals (either neo or classical), and constructivists explain and analyze the emergence and functioning (refer to both!) of these actors? In your answer refer to Intergovernmental organizations (regional or general, or economic), non-governmental organizations. Your answer needs to analyze 1 International Organization and 1 Nongovernmental organization by using the 3 theories we had covered in class. You can use the organization you have presented as one of the organizations.

For Example: A student will analyze EU’s emergence and functioning (both emergence and functioning) by realism, neo-liberalism, and constructivism. and then emergence and functioning ofNGO’s (you may or may not use specific examples in this part; meaning you can write in general on emergence and functioning of NGO’s or you can talk specifically about Amnesty International or the organization you have presented to class) by wearing three different glasses of theories.

Key terms for this question: International Regimes, Concert of Europe, Balance of Power, Security dilemma, Power transition theory, Kenneth Waltz, Mearsheimer, Immanuel Kant, Harmony of interest, Alexander Wendt, security dilemma, offensive realism, defensive realism, Democratic peace theory, complex interdependence, GONGO

Question 2-After the Cold War, one of the dominant themes of U.S. policy was to globalize liberal order by efforts to integrate the system’s potential challengers — namely China – so that she would no longer disrupt it. The aim was to create an international system through use regional, global and economic institution and bring all the world’s major powers into a system in which they would be satisfied so that the US will continue to be the hegemon.

Describe the international system that was established by the Western powers (mainly the US) after WW2 by making international organizations as your unit of analysis (Meaning put the IO’s at the center and analyze the global order by means of IO;s). Discuss if the international system is changing? why/why not? What are the effects of the rise of China on the present world order

Key terms for this question: Concert of Europe, UN, sanctions, peace keeping operations, The EU, Euroscepticism, European Court of Justice, NATO, Global South, Bandung Conference, NAM, NEIO, BRICS, Bretton Woods System, China’s investment on Africa, One Belt, One road Project, Marshall Plan, OECD, IMF, World Bank, New Development Bank, President Trump, multilateralism, declining hegemon, bandwagon effect, domino effect ).

You need to use at least 10 of the above key terms (10 for each). Please underline them in your answer and, PLEASE USE THEM APPRORPRIATELY. Just writing them down without fitting them into the content will not bring you any points.

Answering bonus question is not mandatory. You are expected to write at least a paragraph and one page maximum.

BONUS (5 POINTS):How will COVID-19 pandemic effect the global institutions? Are the effects of pandemic going to create a new wave of rising nationalism, nation state choosing to close their borders, withdrawing funds and membership from the organizations or due to the global effects of the pandemic, will the actors choose to create a relatively new world order with more cooperation, collaboration, shared interest, aims and even maybe common identities? Why/why not