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From our first in class session we discussed about the global phenomenon of the geopolitical and pandemic events such as the Coronavirus, Tradewar, etc. that has a severe impact to the global economy and the corporations. We also discussed about the 4th industrial revolution and the role that Technology plays impacting the future of work , how organizations think about culture and connectivity to their customers, employees, and value chain.

For your assignment you will need to identify 2 general environment factors that impacts the global economy using current events and how it has impacted a company. As we illustrated, the Coronavirus has impacted multiple global companies such as Startbucks, Disney, and McDonalds to seize operations. It has also materially affected a number of airlines, travel companies to rethink about interim strategies in the international marketplace. The trade war as another example has also impacted the soybean and pork commodity markets impacting global trade for food supply chain and the prices to international trade and end products.

You will need to illustrate at least 2 recent examples of general environmental factors (regulation, geopolitical, financial, technology, demographic, etc.) and cite the 2 global companies from recent events with references.

Each student will also need to respond to another classmates posting via either agreement, debate, or other observations/insights.

You have 2 choices. You can write 2-3 paragraphs due to the above instrutions, or you can write it similarily to the example due to the instructions, but you will also need to write a comment with 1 paragraph.


One of companies I have decided to talk about for this week’s entry is Carnival Corp and how Australian’s wild fires and the Corona virus have reduced business in China and Australia.

Carnival Corporation is the world’s largest cruise ship company. With a reported 18.88 billion in revenue in 2018, and being the parent company of other giants like Princess Cruises, P&O cruises, P&O cruises Australia and many others which numbers surpass a million passengers per year is no that difficult to see why. However, due to the recent Australian fires that not only have affected cruises lines like Princes cruises and their Kangaroo island tour, but also other tours in areas that haven’t been affected directly by the fires but air pollution is too high due to all the smoke in the air. Carnival Corporation have repeatedly announce that they have been forced to reroute, delay, and sometimes cancel some of their trips due to the fires.

In a similar note Carnival Corporation has also decided to stop operations in china due to the Corona virus. In fact as of today 1/30/2020 one of it ships carrying 7000 passengers has been blocked at an Italian port due to suspicion that one of the passenger originating fro china started showing symptoms that resembles those who get the virus, leaving these passengers stuck there until it can be confirmed or not if said person has the virus.

To conclude I would also like to talk about the trade war and how it has affected the telecommunications giant Huwaei.

In simple terms Chinese companies are obligated to provide any information the government asks for without any objection, this could be consumers personal information, data,etc. This along with the increasing tension between the U.S and China was reason enough for the U.S to Ban U.S companies from working with Huwaei under the reasoning that they represent a ” national security threat” because the government could ask Huwaei for information about us consumers and officials and they would have to comply. This ban has affected Huwaei Great。