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For the term paper assignment, you will need to watch a movie “Office Space.” This is one of the

best movies on how to NOT run a company. The company in question is Initech Corporation, a

fictitious software firm. You will need to select any two or three chapters covered in class, and

analyze the company through the lens of those chapters.

The paper should include the following elements:


A short synopsis of the situation – one or two paragraphs;


The chapters you chose to apply to the company and your reasons for it;


A series of sections where you introduce (concisely) key concepts from the chapters and

apply them to Initech. I recommend identifying

at least

six concepts;


Your overall assessment of the situation at Initech and your recommendations for success;


A conclusion.

The paper should be 6-7 pages in length, double space, 1-inch margins all around. You may go

over if necessary – just remember, the length-to-contribution ratio is an important determinant of

you grade. You will submit the paper via D2L, and I will enable Turnitin check to ensure the

originality of your submissions. Papers with a Turnitin Similarity score of over 20% will be

suspect of plagiarism, which could result in a range of disciplinary actions from receiving 0


points on the assignment to getting an F grade in the class, whereas a Similarity score of 40+%

will automatically lead to these consequences. As such, please use online sources respo