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The assignment deals with looking into the world of public relations – public information.

Public relations involves a variety of organizations – companies, sports teams, school districts, colleges, nonprofits, bands, individuals, government agencies, to name a few.

Public relations goes by many names – media relations, community relations, outreach, public information, communications, publicity. Public relations practitioners use mass media channels to communicate with internal audiences, like employees; or external audiences, like the public. Public relations’ overall task is to represent the organization in a favorable light.

Public relations practitioners also can act just like reporters – they want to get factual information out to the public. Here’s where the assignment comes in.

Organizations, such the county of San Diego health agency, the California Governor’s Office, the federal Centers for Disease Control, and World Health Organization must communicate clearly and accurately through their public information arms. They MUST be trusted sources of information for the news media and the public.

Write one and half to two pages on how the organizations above are reaching out to the public during this time of the coronavirus crisis. Check the organizations’ websites for news releases or videos. What mass media channels are they using – TV, radio, social, print? What are their messages? Give some specific examples. Quote something that is said. Describe it.


  • Make paragraphs – indent. (Automatic 10-point deduction if it’s written in one big block of type.)
  • Use short sentences – try not to exceed 25 words in a sentence.
  • Upper case proper nouns – the name of an organization, Instagram, YouTube, for example. Lower case nonproper nouns, like virus, television.
  • Read out loud so you can detect sentences that do not sound natural. They should sound like you speak.
  • 1 or 1 and a half pages.