you will use your sociological imagination to analyze a personal event or situation it had to be 2 000 words basically 4 pages the topic is how working full time hours a job effect college students –

Sociological Imagination Paper

This paper assignment gives you an opportunity to use the concepts that you are learning in this course to explore your own life within our society. In this paper, you will use your sociological imagination to analyze a personal event or situation. This can be something from the past or something that is currently happening.

1. You should first define and describe the sociological imagination in your own words. In your description include why the sociological imagination is important to the understanding of personal troubles and public issues. This should be about 200 (of your own) words.

2. In the next part of your paper, you will describe your personal event or situation. This section should be no more than 500 words. Be brief here. In your description, consider what led up to the situation, its resolution if there was one, who else is involved and what their roles are, how do/did you feel, and what choices you made or didn’t make. In this part make up something, the school i go to is Winston Salem State University, I Work at Mcdonalds. and make up a real situation with that.

3. In the second half of your paper, you will research with a minimum of three sources and analyze your personal event or situation using sociological imagination. How have social forces and historical context affected your situation? Connect your personal troubles to larger social issues. Your analysis should consider how your social roles and statuses affect your situation. What social factors are in effect (ex: norms, socialization, stratification)? How does your identity (ex: race, class, gender) affect your situation? This section should be the largest section of your paper! (Minimum 750 words)

Your paper should follow the following formatting requirements:

Approximately 1500-2000 words in length

Double spaced, 12 point Times New Romans or 11 point Calibri font, 1 inch margins

In-text citations using APA or MLA citation style**.

Reference list using APA or MLA citation style**.

I will put three resources down below attached. You can only use these three.

Make sure to read the requirements carefully.

Sociological Imagination Grading Rubric


Possible Points

Were formatting requirements followed?

20 points total

(4 parts worth 5 points each)

Correct word count

Double spaced, correct font, 1” margins

In text citations

Reference list

Does your paper use correct spelling and grammar including correct punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure?

20 points

Were your ideas focused and follow a logical order? Was the paper easy to follow?

30 points

Did you use at least three different sources related to your experience?

30 points

(10 points per source)

How effectively did you describe the sociological imagination and why it is important?

50 points

How effectively did you describe your personal situation and make a connection to larger society?

50 points

How effectively did you use your research and resources to analyze your personal situation?

50 points


250 points